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When we take out contents insurance we hope to never have to make a claim. When we do suffer loss or theft, however, and have to make a claim, it can be a protracted and painful process. Having accurate and good quality images of your valuables will make the process much more straightforward.  
Nobody knows when they will need to make a claim so the time to act is now! Please contact us. 
Insurance companies and Government bodies strongly advise keeping good records of your valuables just in case you ever need to make a claim. This means keeping receipts, validation certificates and valuations somewhere safe along with your policy documents. They also recommend taking photographs showing the condition of your valuables. 
How we can help 
We offer bespoke services to our customers by providing photographic evidence of your assets to help justify an insurance claim. This could involve taking photos of valuations or receipts – whatever will help to validate your claim. 
How we work 
We take images in your own home, factory or office  
All our photographers are DBS (formerly CRB) background checked 
You will receive a Unique Customer Reference Number to identify your images 
We will store your images in two different locations isolated from the internet 
When you need the images we will supply them to you in electronic form 
Service contracts 
We recommend that your precious items are photographed on a regular basis, especially when you have something new that needs to be insured. This involves setting up a service contract, which is usually either annual or six monthly and, if you pay by Direct Debit, we’ll give you a 5% discount on your first year. 
Photo books 
Serious collectors might like to capture their collection and the stories behind their valuables in a photo book – as a keepsake or as something to hand down to their families. It might be for a special anniversary or event. If you are interested in this additional service, please let us know and we will be happy to help. 

Inventory of a tradesman's van or storage facility 

The tools stored in a tradesman’s van during the working day or in a locked storage facility overnight are vulnerable to theft and loss leading to an insurance claim and considerable loss of income. Today insurance companies require proof of the contents including make, model and serial number. If that proof cannot be provided the claim is unlikely to be successful.  
Iskild Imaging provides an economical and easy way to capture the required evidence. We take photos of your van or storage facility contents and store those images securely for you. We will provide you with a copy of the images if you want them. 
To ensure that the photographs keep up to date with changes in your tools and to prove to the insurance company that the images are current, we recommend that you have your tools photographed at least annually. It makes sense to do this when you renew your insurance policy. If there is considerable change in your tools each year, then we recommend that your tools are photographed quarterly. 
The cost of this service is £79.95 for a Transit sized van and £49.95 for smaller vans. If you need quarterly updates, the cost can be spread over 12 monthly instalments of £19.95 for larger vans and £12.95 for smaller vans. Nobody knows when they will suffer a loss so contact us now to get this valuable service
The cost for storage facilities varies according to the size of the facility. Please contact us for a quote

Inventory of household contents 

We all buy contents insurance in case we suffer a loss from fire, theft, water and so on, but have you considered how much information would be required if you ever needed to make a claim? The Association of British Insurers and the Which? organisation both recommend that photos should be taken to record your possessions to make the claims process easier. 
Some people say that they will do this themselves but rarely do because it is a lot of bother. Even for those who do take some photos, where should they be stored safely and securely to be readily available sometime in the future? Certainly, not on a phone or tablet because of the risk of loss or hacking. Iskild Imaging provide a service for busy people in which we take high quality, independent images for you and then store those images securely so that when you need them they are just a phone call or email away. We have used our IT Security experience to implement a highly secure system to ensure that your images are safe. 
We recommend bundling our service with a free review of your contents insurance and can arrange for one of our recommended insurance brokers to do this for you. If you have been with the same insurance provider for some years, it is highly likely that a review will reduce your like for like premiums while ensuring that you have the correct insurance for your current needs. We further recommend that you have the images updated annually when your insurance is renewed to reflect changes. 
Iskild Imaging’s initial photography for a two or three bedroom house or flat costs just £49.95. If you have special items such as jewellery, watches or collectibles these can be photographed using forensic photography techniques for an additional £19.95 per five items. This will help the police to trace the items as well as smooth the claim process. 
The same service for four or five bedroom houses costs just £89.95, with forensic photography of special items at the same rate of £19.95 per five items. 
All costs can be paid over 12 equal monthly instalments if required. There is a small charge added to cover the costs of this payment method. 
Nobody knows when they need to make an insurance claim so contact us now to access this valuable service
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